Coherence and Fractals

These a two terms that come to us from realms of physics and mathematics, but are extremely useful in our present times.

Coherence is almost a buzzword these days for lining up with one’s own spiritual evolution, while linking together with many others around the world who are of a like mind.

For a person to feel in Bliss, they have to have a high level of coherence. We could say this is a feeling of oneness, but it is much more than that. It is not only oneness within one self; it is a feeling of being in the ‘flow’ with a greater whole. This concept has been around for many Millennia as reflected in the ancient Taoist term Wu wei. Wu wei can be translated into ‘being in the flow’ or ‘knowing when to act and when not to act.’ Another way of saying this is to ‘do,’ without ‘doing.’ Just like a tree grows without thinking it is now time to grow.

There are many ways to create coherence. A few traditional ways are: to meditate, pray, Tai chi, some types of yoga, Qi Gong. There are organizations like the Institute of Heart Math, that have created machines like the emWave2, to aid in creating coherence in your life.

The two largest area of the Herbal World that helps to create coherence are: Flower Essences and Medicinal Mushrooms. By using the mushrooms, you create coherence and grounding with Mother Earth (Gaia). The Flower Essences help you cut through the emotional baggage we all have. This baggage can lead us away from coherence.

There are organizations like the Global Coherence Initiative that have the following Mission Statement:

 The Global Coherence Initiative is a science-based, co-creative project to unite people in heart-focused care and intention, to facilitate the shift in global consciousness from instability and discord to balance, cooperation and enduring peace. 

The important concept here is that the closer we are to coherence, the more in the flow of Wu wei we are. This lets us reflect directly with the ongoing changes we are going through over these turbulent times of 2012 and beyond.

It is important to remember these changes are not just happening to you! They are happening to all of us at the same time; people, plants, animals, planets and at least our whole galaxy.

We live in a Fractal Universe. This means what happen at one level, happens at all levels.  What is this fractal relationship?


  One of my favorite concepts of modern mathematics is the fractal.  Even though this concept of mathematics is fairly old, French American mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot first coined the word fractal, in 1975.  The word fractal comes from the Latin fractus meaning “fractured” or “broken.” By observing nature, Mandelbrot noticed that “self-similar” patterns could be seen over and over again in the world around us. Natural fractals include the shape of mountains, snowflakes, lightning, clouds, river basins, coastlines, blood vessels, ferns, tree branching, cauliflower and an endless list of the Great Spirit’s creations.  These recursive patterns in nature, as seen in a frond from a fern, are miniature replicas of the larger plant. The key is they are similar, but not identical, or “self-similar.”  Fractals describe many more phenomena in nature than Euclidian geometry does with straight lines and circles.

Fractals give a new dimension to the ancient alchemical concept, “As above, So Below”.  Instead of just being a duality, with one thing being a copy of another, a fractal pattern can be similar duplicates of itself, infinite internally and infinite externally. We can easily see this with the nested cycles in the Maya world, with their 26 day month, the 260 day sacred Tzolkin year, all the way up to 26,000 years it take for us to go around the galaxy (5 Suns in Maya terms). These are all nested cycles within themselves.

The use of fractal math has been used for many applications, including determining outcomes in the stock market, predicting weather patterns, in art, music and to explore for oil.  This concept of fractality was even used in the Judeo-Christian bible as “God created man in His own image”, or a “Wheel within a Wheel a rolling, way in the middle of the air”.

By seeing one aspect of a fractal, you can see it copied over and over again in similar pattern, becoming increasingly microscopic, or increasingly macroscopic. One of the most familiar examples of this is nesting Russian Dolls. You find one inside of another and this can go on for 10 – 15 levels. Each doll is similar, but not exactly as the one bigger or smaller than it.

The more coherence we have, the more we can be in the flow (Wu wei) of the fractal experience that is happening around us. This means we really do not have to do anything, but just stay in the flow and let the fractal relationship of our galaxy happen around us. Create coherence and you are automatically in the flow. This is the best way to go through the confused times of 2012.

An area that fractal concept is very applicable to is biology. Biologists have been using these concepts since before knowledge of fractals was recognized. Studying the activity of a single cell, in which a Biologist can often determine what is going on in the whole organism, is a good example.   New breakthroughs in ‘fractal’ Biology have also given us a deeper glimpse into how we work, and have even gone as far as to show us our place in the Cosmos and our relationship with the Great Spirit. For me, paramount in these discoveries is the concept of Epigenetics.

To be continued . . .