Coherence with the Noosphere and Beyond


In our adventure to see our relationship with Mother Earth (Gaia) and the Creator, we have discovered a few things. If any of the terms in this paragraph are not familiar to you, I suggest you go back a few blogs to review or to catch up. In the last few blogs, we have been looking at how it is good to create Coherence in ourselves, so we can have a better Fractal relationship with Gaia and, for that matter, the Creator. This is a relationship similar to Epigenetic receptor sites on a cell membrane, with us being important receptor sites for our Mother Gaia. We are in a fractal relationship with receptor sites at the cellular level. This is called a Morphic resonance, as described by Rupert Sheldrake.

Our relationship with Gaia is a relationship  with our Spiritual Mother. To do this, we have to be solidly grounded in the here and now, and also to Earth. We can do that in many ways: a walk in the countryside or a park, gardening, working with clay, or doing ceremony. Another way I have used with many of my patients is medicinal mushrooms, especially Red Reishi Supper Food powder, as they can be very grounding.


What about our relationship with our Spiritual Father? When we have coherence, we can tap into a field of energy that has come to be known as the Noosphere. This is a field of energy, or sphere, that is the sum total of Human Thought. Originally introduced in the early part of the 20th century by Vladimir Vernadsky and colleagues, the Noosphere is felt to be a natural succession of phases in Earth’s development. The first phase is the geosphere or inanimate matter, then the biosphere of energy from biological life, evolving into the consciousness of mental energy creating its own sphere or field of energy – the Noosphere.

The Noosphere emerges through and is created by the interactions of the human mind. As people organize themselves into more complex social networks — like the Internet, Twitter, Facebook — while still being grounded to Earth energy, the Noosphere grows in awareness. When the Noosphere hits a certain level of coherence, of what some call the Omega Point, the Noosphere becomes a new, almost telepathic grid of consciousness that can link people together.

OMG, that means that Twitter, Facebook and the Internet itself are just a form of training wheels for us to interact with a higher level of consciousness. Some have called the Noosphere the Christ Consciousness Grid, as it is also a new level in our spiritual evolution, our relationship with the rest of the Galaxy and, ultimately, the Universe. This is a fractal relationship to Creator, or Father.  This also creates a new form of communication. Some will leave the Internet behind when they can tune into the Noosphere directly, having instant access to all knowledge. Just think about it, a free source of knowledge through telepathic communication with all connected.

This all sounds pretty lofty, but what does it mean to you and me in our current life situation. For us to tune into a certain frequency, just like we do on a television or radio, we need to tune into the right station. It all comes down to time, or more specifically how we divide time up. I am sorry to say that we have been tuned into the wrong station for the last almost 400 or so years. We have been tuned into the ‘Techno station’, instead of the sacred stations. The frequency we have been tuned into is 12:60 of 12 months and 60 minutes. These are not the natural frequencies that guide our local galaxy. It appears that the Maya learned how to tune into a sacred frequency: with a calendar they call the Tzolkin. It is a 13:20 or 260 day frequency. This frequency has a fractal relationship with many biological processes we are familiar with: human gestation is around 260 days, and corn grows in Meso-America in 260 days. It takes 26,000 years to go through 5 Suns (each of 13 Baktuns). This fractal relationship seems to be one of the more important relationships of our galaxy, going deeper both inwards and outwards.

The mechanical clock basically enforced the 60-minute cycle, while the 12-month Gregorian calendar sets our pace. This is the drummer that almost the whole world marches to. It has tuned us into the “technosphere”. With money as a fuel for this mechanical frequency, we have concentrated mostly on the material world. That is literally the only television station that most of us gets. This leaves very little ‘time’ for the sacred world. With the cycle of the Tzolkin, we come back more into the frequency range where we can see and feel the sacred.

If you think that time cycles cannot affect us, you are wrong. There are many things embedded in them. One of the easiest cycles to see is the 28 year cycle of the technosphere.  Take the dramatic events of the New York Twin Towers on 9/11, in 2001, of a ‘terrorist attack’, which was 28 years from when they were dedicated in 1973. This was 28 years before the twin atomic bomb dropped on Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This was 28 years before 1917 when the Americans entered the First World War, which was 28 year after 1889 when the Eiffel Tower was dedicated as the tallest mechanical structure in the world at the time. Tallest towers and wars, all products of the technosphere, seem to work on that frequency channel, while generating a lot of money for a small number of people.

This is of course a fractal relationship to the moon cycle and of the human female estrus cycle of 28 days. By super imposing an overt mechanical, war cycle (male) over the female cycle, it creates an interference pattern, so we cannot feel the feminine power of the Mother.

The Noosphere is a natural evolution of any planetary body on its way to the holnomic function of stellar evolution. The Noosphere synchronizes not only a telepathic unification of human on earth; it synchronizes with the consciousness of other planetary systems that have created a higher intelligence within our galaxy. This of course could be a meta-conscious transfusion of information. We can stay tuned to the techno-channel, or we can tune in to the sacred vibrations of the sphere – the intra galactic station, beaming us sacred harmony all day long.

No wonder we have a hard time seeing ETs, most of them are on another frequency band. We have been so caught up in the drama of the cartoon station, watching the wiley coyote being beat up by the roadrunner one more time, we forgot who we are. We all know what the outcome is, but we cannot help but watch it. Lets start tuning more into the sacred channel – the Tzolkin.

Is that what the Mayan prophecy is really about? It never said that Dec 21, 2012 was the end of the Earth. It says it is the end of time, or the way we perceive it. Tuning into the 13:20 frequency could very likely just be a stepping-stone for us to be able to drop many of the old habits, programs and hang-ups from the older world.

When you look at a poplar tree, you see it lives in a cycle — a cycle of seasons. It is not programmed to start producing flowers on a certain calendar day and produce first leaves on another day. The Poplar responds to the environment, taking its queues from the weather, number of hours of light, ground temperature and several other environmental factors. It flows in a state of the Taoist Wu wei we talked about before. Going with the flow of nature is the best way to become a good receptor site. The right frequency for us might vary over the coming years.

In the next blog, we will look at some of the features of the Noosphere, but in the mean time you might want to look at Manifesto for the Noosphere: The Next Stage in the Evolution of Human Consciousness by Jose Arguelles. It is an interesting book written by the same author who wrote The Mayan Factor.