Crystal Skull: Part 2

One of the first things I learned from the Crystal Skull is that just like a silicon computer chip, these silicon skulls were like large hard drives, that could store vast amounts of information.  Their configuration not only contains vast amounts of memory, it creates many portal systems into time lines almost like avatars, but more about that later . . .

Eve of September 18 1618 – Baktun, Mayan Long count

Drums are pounding, the mist is thick with copal smoke and the ceremony is about to begin. As the sun is about to set she knows the bright stars will guide their way on this moonless night. The elder shaman had been preparing all her life for this event – the gathering of history. It is somewhat ironic that the culmination of her life’s work is the greatest sacrifice – death. But a sweet death it is, as she will live forever.

The shaman looks down on the small Guatemalan village of day keepers, students, friends and colleagues. The mountains center her, as they always have. Not only is it a time to briefly access the Baktun’s history for her people before the ceremony, something she had done thousands of times before; it was important to blend with the Alux – the nature spirits. It wasn’t just herself that was going through the ceremony; it was the Alux also. In fact without them it would be impossible.

She was lucky as the Alux had been a very big part of her life as long as she could remember. It was her very familiarity with them that put her in this position of honor. It was rare for a woman to rise to the highest level of day keeper, but the Alux had chosen her as much as the people had. Yes she had a keen mind and could remember huge amounts of facts, but so could many of her colleagues.

What sets her apart from others is her relationship with the Alux. The way for this to work was for her to ride the wave created by the nature spirits. After all, it was their relationship to the crystal matrix that made this possible.  The Alux could work with the fine matrix of the crystalline structure of the skull. They could enter into the field of the crystalline nature much easier than humans could. The Alux represented the writing mechanism of the information carried by her, the shaman of bringing history forward. It took both the information and the writing mechanism to record the history on the sacred crystalline structure of the skull.  The hundreds of people that work on it over the last few hundred years had made the skull sacred. Their dedication, their prayers and sacrifices where also an important part of the process.

She was the 12th in a long line of shamans that had fused themselves into the crystal skulls to bring history forward. At the end of each great cycle, a shaman was chosen to be a holder of history. The training was long and shared by many, but it ultimately came down to the gathering of history to bring it all together in their own soul space. With the aid of the nature spirit guides, the shaman rides their soul into the crystal matrix of the skull to create a permanent record of the Baktun.

She had done this many times before in preparation for this final ceremony. But this time it would be different, for she wouldn’t be coming back. Even though history was recorded in detail within the intricate writing of the Codices, those records are not permanent. This lesson was dramatically learned almost 100 years ago when the Spaniards burned many of the Codices.

The historical record carved on a stone Stele were more permanent than the codex, but the best way to preserve history is within the crystal matrix of the skull.  Only those trained to the highest degree could access these memories. Recordings in the crystal matrix are permanently etched into the ‘field’ of humanity. The crystal was made of a substance that is one vibration level above the vibration level of living animals, and plants. Silicon was an ‘octave’ above carbon in its frequency level.

This Baktun was a very significant one for the Maya, as it contained many achievements and a higher degree of understanding and wisdom. Like all the others, this Baktun had a light phase and dark phase, good and evil if you like, but it was not the shaman’s job to judge. Her job was to record and preserve the understanding and wisdom for the upcoming generations. There was a finite window of time during the changing of the Baktun that the records could be permanently recorded in the crystal skull.  That time was now.

She would be the last of the crystal skull people, as at the next Baktun change or better the process would be reversed and all twelve of the crystal skulls would be brought together to feed the Great Kulkukan. The One that can hold it all! When Kulkukan has the accumulated wisdom of the past 13 Baktuns, he/she will be able to lead the people to a higher destination.

Many think it would be lonely to be stuck in the crystal skull for an entire Baktun, but she would have the company of her Alux. Besides, time doesn’t really work that way. It is only an illusion.

Taking in the mountains one last time, she heads back to the village to take part in this final ceremony. There is no need to say good-bye. She is not going away, just taking on a different form.


 Even though there are many thousands of crystal skulls, there is only a small number of original ones. Some feel that it is the coming together of 13 original crystal skulls that will create some form of event. My feeling is somewhat along that line. I feel it will be only 12 skulls, with the thirteenth position being a person. This ‘thirteenth person’ being the Kuklukan, or a Christed, or Enlightened One. The 12 skulls will be set out in a configuration of the three-dimensional dodecahedron, with the Enlightened One at the center. In this arrangement the information from the fields of the 12 previous Baktuns will flow into the Enlightened One. This new information from the 12 fields will aid them to help the rest of us into the next phase of our journey as sacred searchers.

In sacred geometry, the dodecahedron is very important. Being one of the five Platonic solids, it has a long history of importance in esoteric schools of thought. In a dialogue with Timaeus, Plato stated that the other four platonic solids (cube, octahedron, icosahedron and tetrahedron) represent the four classic elements (earth, air, water and fire; respectively) with the dodecahedron used by God as a model for the twelvefold division of the Zodiac.

Some feel the dodecahedron represents the stage of Christ Consciousness and that a stellated dodecahedron represents a Christ Consciousness Grid around the planet that helps protect us and spur us onto higher levels of enlightened consciousness.

If a person reaches Christ Consciousness, depicted in many esoteric drawing and painting as a dodecahedron, and sends that consciousness forward into the human field that is synonymous with a stellation.

To be continued . . .