Crystal Skull Part 3: Izapa Initiation with the Alux

One of the things that happened to me after connecting to the 8th Crystal Skull was a series of massive downloads. Many of these downloads took on the quality of an Avatar nature. In these ‘lucid dreams’ I would literally become these people. I could see, smell, tastes and have the tactile feeling of these individuals. One of the most important for the Maya 2012 prophesy was a young boy. He was 13 years old, about to go through a ceremony of initiation. I will let his first down load open this part of the story.

Izapa, Mexico; (Dec 21, 165 BCE)

I’m flowing through the void. Lights open in front of me. I see whirling, sparks and shadows of people. No. They are not people. They are the little people; the Alux.

These nature spirits are busy tonight. What are they doing? Are they poking me? They laugh at me. They call me “The Nowhere Man. The boy with no name! The in-between person!”

“You don’t really exist. You are only an illusion.”

Multiple voices resonate from the corner of my mind. The Alux are relentless. “Are you ready? Are you ready? Are you ready for the ride of your life? Take this fairy dust.  It will help you. Whatever happens, remain calm. You must breathe ‘you’ into existence. Ride on the wave and you will exist. You must not fail us. We are all depending on you.”

I’m flowing faster, struggling to understand.

“Ignore the scary parts. They are even deeper illusions than you. Remember! Breathe! You can breathe in space. Nothing is impossible. Breathe deeply and you will remain calm.  Eat fairy dust when the way gets tough. Fairy dust will change your focus.”

“Do you think he’ll remember?” The Alux chatter amongst themselves. “He often doesn’t remember what we tell him in this dream world. Humans are really thick and have trouble remembering.  They cling to their physical illusions. They forget to pay attention to our world. They even forget to heed their own dream world.”

I feel uncomfortable sensations on my body again, pulling at my consciousness. The voices are becoming distant. Somehow fading into a familiar fog. I feel a sharp jab as a loud voice yells “This one responds to pokes. He will remember.”

* * * *

It is the shallow hours of the night. I awaken in a cold sweat. The night air feels hot, unusual for the shortest day of the year.

I become aware of an uncomfortable tingle in my side and something stirs in my unconscious. Suddenly the dream comes flooding back. The Lucid dream was so real! Was I was really there?

Looking outside my sleeping chamber, I see that it is still very dark. But I will not be able to visit the sleeping world again tonight. Today is an important day! At pre-dawn I will go through my birth right initiation.

I have been preparing for this time all of my life. I feel as if I am sitting on the precipice of my entirety and fear is creeping into my soul. I wonder if I am truly ready.  I come from a long lineage to live up to, one of shaman emperors. Can I live up to my heritage and be reborn into something useful? Can I give the people what they need?

I push the questions aside and focus on the task at hand. Right now I do not exist. Yesterday I was stripped of all existence. A fasting ceremony cleansed me of my name, my hair, and my clothes. The high shaman priests stripped all of my past from me.

I am No-one. I do not exist.

In a few hours at a pre-dawn ceremony I will go through the process of rebirth. My visions will decide my fate and possibly the fate of the people.

I feel myself tempted by doubt. Why is this all up to me? Why does the fate of all of the people fall on my shoulders? Am I worthy? Will my vision be true? Who am I but a boy who spends too much time in the forest playing with my only true friends, the Alux, the little people?

These doubts remind me that my ancestry does not allow me the companionship of friends. My ancestors have been the rulers here since the time at the edge of memory. It was my path to grow up in isolation. I was born ‘for the people, not of the people’. I was forbidden to have relationships the way the common people do out of fear that the common people would influence me, change me, make me weak and needy. I have been born for a greater purpose.

The only place I could turn to for friendship was the world of the nature spirits, the Alux. They have always been my friends. Yes my friends, the Alux. Why were they so mean to me in my dream? Why did they say they are depending on me? Do they think I will fail?

Do others think I will fail? The ancestors kept me isolated and alone, giving me little guidance, mostly ignoring me. My ancestors did great things, but that just puts a heavier responsibility on my shoulders. How can I possibly live up to the reputation of my ancestors? I am but no one.

The familiarity of confusion over comes me and instinctively I go out into the forest to walk among them. Perhaps I can find answers in the ruins of the ancestors. Their palaces and temples have long been abandoned. This is the way of my people. When a cycle is finished, we move and build again, leaving the ancestors to rest in their palaces in the other world; letting the jungle reclaim the rocks, the courtyards and plazas.

I breathe in the fresh night air of the ruins that I played in as a child and feel the dawn of my new existence. Accessing the strength of my ancestors, I begin my prayer.

Let me learn from the ancient ways so I might glimpse my path. Let their lessons from the past help create wisdom within me. Let them give me strength, so my journey will be fruitful and deserving of their teachings. With their strength, I will be able to carry the people forward to new heights.

I walk among the ruins of my people, guided mostly by the moon and the stars, feeling the path under my bare feet. The smell of the jungle is all around me. I have walked this path many times before. But that was as a child; now I am the in-between person and I am different. My nakedness makes me happy for the warm air. I feel a breeze on my skin. The ancestors are ready to talk to me.  My hairs stand up and my skin begins to tingle.

Where we come from is outside memory, but the stories tell that my people came from the North, the Olmec of La Venta. There the ancestors worshipped the North Night god that the underworld (Xibalba) rotates around. That Polar Star in the sky that all others gods danced around. This star was the journey god of these very ancient people. He gave guidance to my people before they came here. We still have monuments in the ruins of my ancestors that are dedicated to the Polar Star.

As we journeyed south, we could no longer see this Polar god. Only the night gods that gave court to him were visible. In their search for a new god, my great ancestors were directed to the day god that gave us the sacred calendar, the 260 day count Tzolkin which directs our lives.

The Tzolkin proves that my ancestors had great wisdom for it represents our birth and our connection to the corn people that our very existence relies on. The Sun crosses over our land at the zenith creating the sacred 260 days that it takes corn to grow. The zenith can be seen and experienced by the shadow on the great obelisk, telling us when to plant the corn and proving that my people were made by the gods from corn dough. It takes the same sacred 260 days for a child to grow in their mother’s belly. The sacred Tzolkin calendar combines with the mundane 360 day calendar of the Tun, creating a cycle of 52 years, one K’atun, one cycle of my people.

Where does all this come from? I can see before me the many cycles my ancestors recorded with Stelae and alters. When did these cycles begin? They must have an origin. They must have a beginning. My ancestors have been working with the sacred Tzolkin 260 day cycle for time on the edge of memory, but could there also be a larger cycle in which it lives? My ancestors taught me that cycles are nested inside cycles. These cycles guide us to plant our crops, perform our ceremonies and controlling our lives.

The Alux have told me that they like the cycles, for the cycles keep us in the field of our Mother, the earth that we live on. By aligning with these cycles, we tune into the gods and their ways. If we move out of these cycles we experience stress, disease, wars and confusion. The cycles are everything to the people.

I need answers. The vision journey that I am about to take for my initiation is one of great importance. The questions of where the cycles come from and where did they began.

The truly ancient ones looked to the night skies and my people looked the movement of the sun. I will look between these two worlds. At pre-dawn I will look to the place of the rising Sun and journey into the centre of the Hunab Ku (the great God), the belly of Xibalba, the underworld. I will travel the dark sacbe (road) on the edge of the light sacbe to enter the mouth of the great serpent Hunab Ku of Xibalba that will be visible just before dawn near the horizon. My journey will last until the sun raises and if I succeed, I will finally know who I am, my path and possibly the path of the people.

For this I better go back to the throne area and begin my preparations. The high shaman priest will already be there waiting for me.

To be continued . . .