Digestion – Where all Healing Begins


The digestive tract is the most dynamic part of the body. It is where things really happen, not in that ivory tower we call our brain. Most of us have been led to believe that we are just ‘heads’ walking around perceiving the world, with our body acting merely as a life support system for our brain – but this belief is far from the truth. In actuality, ‘Life’ is what happens down in the plumbing of our digestive tract.  To a large degree, the functioning of our digestive tract determines what we think and how we act. Changes in our digestive tract can influence our moods, clarity of thinking, and are the root of most of our health issues. Whether you feel youthful or sick can be entirely determined by the condition of your digestive tract.


I like to envision the human body as a large donut, or more precisely, a tube torus.  One end of the hole is our mouth and the other end is our anus. The series of tubing that connects the two is the hole in your donut. The lively energy that takes place within the tubes is the underpinning of most aspects of our life. The sacred geometry of a tube torus is the same geometry of the energy field that builds planets, stars, black holes, and even galaxies. Think of our personal tube torus as an energy generator that creates electricity from the nutrient in your food and drink. Even though our digestive tract is responsible for pulling the nutrients out of food, our body lives on much more than nutube torus Earthtrients and water. The ancient cultures of China and India, for instance, spoke also about the Qi (chee) or Prana of the food. The tube torus geometry of our body plays a role in activating these energies, just as much as the physical component of enzymes and bacteria.

It might be hard to believe at first, but there are more non-human cells in our body than there are human. Nobody really knows how many cells there are in the human body. These cells are not that easy to count, but current estimates suggest that the human body is made up of around 50 trillion cells. Now it is useful to understand that there is no consensus on this, as estimates vary from 10 to 100 trillion, but most feel that the number of cells is in 10×13 order of magnitude.  Just as important to the functioning of our body though, are the around 500 trillion organisms (bacterial, molds, yeast, etc.) that live in, on, and through us. These organisms, that outnumber our human cells by over ten times, play an essential role in the basic functioning of the body and our health. Most of these organisms perform daily housekeeping jobs and provide us with beneficial nutrients and energy. Once in a while though, the balance is thrown and these organisms can become problematic. Really, I would have to say that we are a living zoo and herbarium. Or an even more accurate way of looking at this is that our body is an ecological zone. The sensitive balance of this ecology is what often determines our health, moods, and clarity of thought.

to be continued . . .