Flower Essence for Turbulent Times

Lately I have been asked by many, “What is the flower essence that is best to have on hand for all the changes that are happening in 2012 and presumed to continue for the rest of the year?”

If I were going to look at just one individual flower essence, it would of course be Flower Essence of Red Clover, as it helps you keep your head, while others are loosing theirs.

I have also employed it in a formula I use for these situations called Rescue ER.

Red Clover

Trifolium pretense

Positive Qualities: Self-aware behavior, with a calm and steady presence (especially in emergency situations).

Patterns of Imbalance: Vulnerable to mass hysteria and anxiety, being easily influenced by panic or other forms of group thought

* * * * * *

Reggie holds a middle management position within a large corporation. Like many other large corporations, the goal of the company is to make as much profit as possible, and they have been successful in motivating the employees to support that effort. Reggie has never been totally comfortable working for such a large corporation. To him it feels like he is living in a bee hive or an ant hill. Even the company’s culture is very much a hive consciousness, where all efforts support the business rather than the individual. Up until now Reggie has gone along with the crowd, but lately he has been noticing that others in the organization are behaving in ways that he feels is wrong, even immoral. His coworkers steal each other’s clients, and play political games in order to gain an advantage. Some even lie to customers to make a sale and boost their earnings; all in an effort to move up the corporate ladder. Reggie also wants to advance in the organization, but he wants to do it with a clear conscience, knowing his efforts are for the good of everyone involved.

Reggie is not a political person and he doesn’t want to put his morals aside just to make the company wealthy. He does want to be true to himself and not just part of the web of energy that surrounds the company. He knows he can contribute more to the company than just being another ‘worker bee.’ But he does find it difficult to keep from being drowned by the group’s relentless pursuit of profit

* * * * * * * *

Red clover flower essence is for people who are easily influenced by group energy and get carried along with the crowd. This phenomenon can happen in everyday life, but especially happens during an emergency that affects a group of people. With the heightened fears created by media coverage of terrorist events around the world there is a greater need for this remedy.

If taken just before going into a crowed location such as airports, fairs grounds, sporting events, or rock concerts, Red clover flower essence will help one stay grounded and true to their individuality

It is specific for the person who finds their own source of individuality being influenced by a strong feeling of ‘hive consciousness’. Red Clover flower essence is particular useful when a crowd is highly charged with panic or hysteria such as is seen during natural disasters, wars, economical crisis, and political or religious events which incite public emotions. In these situations this flower essence will provide self-awareness, allowing the person to stay calm when others are panicking.

Red Clover flower essence can be used when crisis runs through a family like a psychic disease, and the family consciousness becomes stronger than the self-awareness of the individual. Red Clover flower essence can also reduce the feeling of being ‘over-mothered’ and conversely reduce the mother’s need to do so.

In the same way that the Red Clover plant can be used for cleansing the physical body, Red Clover flower essence can cleanse and balance the psychic properties of an individual. It helps a person to be steady and work from their center of truth.  In this way Red Clover flower essence calms the emotional body and helps defuse any chain reaction in their electrical system

Red Clover flower essence can wrap a person in Light as they walk through a sea of confusion. It will help to cleanse and activate the prana tube, clearing energy for the whole body.

For House Balancing (Feng Shui):
Red Clover flower essence can lift the vibrational energy of a house, building or classroom, creating a comforting feeling of home. This lift will also entrain the house or building to a steady rhythm similar to the cadence of an old ‘grandfather’ or chiming clock. Some have called Red Clover flower essence the “chiming clock” essence.

Chakras: Works on the root chakra giving the person solid ground to stand on; balances and cleanses all chakras; especially clearing for the heart chakra. It helps cleanse and activate the prana tube.

Angels: Arch Angel Metatron, Arch Angel Gabriel

Affirmation: I am safe and provided for at all times. I can adapt to any situation with grace and confidence.

Flower Essence of Red Clover: 3 – 5 drops three times daily or as needed. It can be used up to ever 10 minutes in acute situations. This can be mixed with other Flower essences.

Rescue ER

Our most popular blend is a first aid remedy that can help in a wide variety of traumatic situations, including physical trauma such as in accidents, natural disasters, or injury. It is especially useful when a person is going through dramatic emotional changes. It helps a person become more balanced and centered within them self, while strengthening their innate inner healing abilities. Rescue ER also helps a person to feel more protected and safe in their current situation.

Arnica  –  conscious embodiment, especially during shock or trauma; recovery from deep-seated shock or trauma

Echinacea – contacting and maintaining an integrated sense of Self, especially when severely challenged; aiding in maintaining a strong immune interface

Yarrow, white – armor to protect the integrity of the aura so it will not be compromised by injury or trauma

Self Heal – strong healing energy arising from within oneself; deep sense of wellness and wholeness

Red Clover – strong self-aware behavior; maintaining a calm and steady presence (especially in emergency situations)

Fireweed – remedy for restoration after a shock or trauma or for people that have been forced to see, or do, things they didn’t want to

Labrador Tea – centers energy in the body in the moment; relieves stress associated with the experience of extremes

Dill – balances heightened sensory aspects when over-whelmed by the situation.

Rescue ER:  3 – 5 drop, three times daily or as needed. It can be used up to every 10 minutes in acute situations