Getting close to Dec 21 2012: What’s Up?


If you are a frequent reader of this blog, you might already know I have been looking at the Mayan and other ancient Prophesies for many years now. Along the way of this quest I have taught several full semester courses, facilitated and/or co-facilitated several journeys to Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala. I have also had the opportunity to spend lots of time in sacred sites from around the world, many with indigenous people, shamans, scholars and just curious people. Some of these adventures I have written about in past blogs. This doesn’t give me any special magic crystal ball to know what is going to happen, but it does give me a feeling of what is in store for us.

What I do deeply believe is that whatever happens will be of Divine Order and outside of our personal hands. That being said, I truly feel we can influence what is about to unfold by the way we think, and more importantly, feel. The events about to unfold soon have come about after thousands of years of preparation. We just might be the luckiest ones, as we could even be around to witness it.

No, I don’t believe that the world is going to end on Dec 21, 2012. In fact I would be surprised if anything dramatic even happens that day. I have not cleared my schedule for 2013, thinking it will not happen. I do think we have entered into a window of time we will look back on in years to come and say, ‘those were the watershed years of a big leap forward.’ At least that is the way I see it; many might consider it a leap backwards into more primitive times.

The thing I am sure about is that the adventure we are about to embark on has to combine the wisdom of the ancient indigenous cultures, with the modern fields of science and technology. Even though many would not agree with this, we still live with one foot in the ancient world and another in the modern world. These two worlds need to understand each other and be absorbed into each other’s knowledge and wisdom. If we don’t embrace each other whole-heartedly, neither of us can move into the higher levels of consciousness that can be our destiny, if we accept the ‘mission.’ From what I have seen and heard from the Elders and from the writings of many, especially Drunvalo Melchizedek, the indigenous people are ready for these changes. It appears many in the Modern World have not yet seen that this is our best route to survival as a species. There is much the ancient and indigenous peoples can teach us.

The prophecies that deal with these times are not just from the Maya. There are at least 30 other cultures that have teachings about the times we are going through.

These other cultures wish to inform us that the world Modern people live within is not what most of us think it is. If you think the world is solid and real and nothing can change it except external events – you have been misinformed! What we call real is formed by images created by consciousness, and can be changed dramatically through ceremony connected to the Heart.

Most of the prophecies don’t suggest the end of the Mayan calendar means the end of the world, but the birth of new Times. But as mothers around the world can tell you, there is a lot of blood, pain and screaming during the birthing process.

The Elders feel there will be changes, and it depends on how you look at it if these changes will be disasters or the birthing of a new consciousness. Most of the holders of the prophecies tell us that we are already part way through these changes; many of the signs have already been seen. Some of these are in our earthly environment, but just as many in the stars, or should I say the Heavens, appearing to be beyond our direct influence.

One good example is the occurrence of the Blue Star. Several prophecies talk about the coming of a Blue Star. On October 24, 2007 a comet named Holmes moved into our solar system and exploded, creating a large blue sphere, being bigger than the sun (now holding the record of the largest object observed in the solar system). Both Hopi and Mayan Elders have stated that this was the beginning of the window of Prophetic Times.

The second part of the prophecy is the coming of the Red Star. The Red Star is considered to be one of the four stars that surround Orion’s Belt, called Betelgeuse (commonly called Beetle juice – don’t say it three times). It is presently imploding at this very moment. Several scientists have stated that when it stops imploding, it will explode, becoming a supernova. It will be a bright red star in the sky and will be felt rather dramatically on Earth due to it closeness to our solar system.

Don Alejandro, one of the Grand Elders in the Guatemalan Mayan Council, has been very forthcoming on international webinars and speaking tours that he has hidden manuscripts describing earth changes that could include polar shifts between now and 2015. He also talks about 30 hours of complete darkness, others say 3 – 7 days. For many, this might be a very scary time. If you can relax instead of being in fear, everything will turn back to ‘normal’ fairly soon. That, he says, is the most important thing to do — relax. After this strong and major ‘wake-up’ call, we might be able to join the worlds together, working in harmony instead possession and destruction.

During this time if you can spend as much time as possible in meditation – especially in a Heart Space, you will experience less fear. Not only will you express less fear, you just might help in the guiding of all of us through these scary times. ‘The superior man remains calm, while others loose their heads.’ Many have said connecting to the Noosphere (see these Blogs) will help a lot. The Noosphere, or as some call it the Christ Consciousness Grid, is made up of human collective consciousness and has been stabilized by over 80,000 sacred sites around the world that have taken thousands of years to organize. The prophecies say connecting to this Grid – especially from the Heart – is the next level of consciousness we are capable of obtaining.

Much of this can be found in parts of the visions of the long count by One Ahau and has been written about in Mayan Creation Myths from the Popol Vuh. Instead of writing it down here again in full, if you are interested you can look at this blog. In this myth the earthy first father god (One Hunahpu) got tricked into the under-world and trapped there. In the mean time a false god (Seven Macaw) takes over reign on earth, surrounding himself with all kinds of riches and ego. The Hero Twins (sons of One Hunahpu) avenge their father and help him re-enter into this world, but at this time with a higher level of consciousness. This short myth is a great metaphor of what has happened and is about to happen with our shift in consciousness as we re-enter new times.

Over the next week to three years we could possibly go through these shifts. A great hope and stride forward for our species and our planet – Gaia.