Mongolian Vision, Summer Solstice 26,000 Before Present time

One of the first Avatar type visions I received from the Crystal Skull, was that of ancient shaman that lived near what is now the Mongolian – Siberian border area near Lake Bajkal. As this was my first conscious Avatar type experience, it was very shocking. This shock was further amplified by the fact of me becoming a female body. I had premonitions that I would have a Mongolian type vision, but I never knew these ‘lucid dreams’ could be this real. After my initial Avatar experience, I of course did some research to find out more about these peoples and if they were even real. Yes they were real and the Stelea ‘we resurrected’ is still there to this day.

So lets join in as the conversation is on-going.

* * *

My name is Molgrol. I am of the people; the people of the Flying Deer. We have lived on this land since the deepest history.  I am matriarch of my people. They often call me mother, although I have only lived for 260 cycles of the sun. I know that there are ones here older than 400 cycles.  To these elders I give respect.

It is a great honor to be speaking to this gathering of shamans from all over this land. This is a very important time for the future of our people.

With their permission I open this ceremony in the name of all of our ancestors. I offer the sacred water to the four directions. To the Zuun (east) I honour the feminine blue air that transports my message for others to hear. To the Umnu (south) I feel the red fire that lights my heart and stirs passion for our ways. To the Baruun (east), the masculine white earth, I ask for support in all I say. To the black deep water of Hoir (north), I feel your depth and the refreshing visions that you give me. I acknowledge Great Mother Gazar Eej, who gives us everything with her Great Love and the Father Tenger Etseg that guides our mind for their direction in our circle today.

We ask all of the spirits, of all of our ancestors to join us: spirits of the two legged, four legged, winged, slithering, swimming and insect people. To this we invite the spirit of the plant people; the rock people and the nature spirits to be part our council. With all of your help, we will raise our wind-horse ensuring all that is said here is in truth and integrity.

As we gather near the shore of our great mother Lake Bajkal, it is good to remind ourselves of our origin. We are a matriarchal society rooted in the feminine connection to our true Mother; our sacred planet, our Nature.

She provides all we need. She feeds us. She clothes us. She offers shelter, deer and grasslands. She gives us everything and in return we live our lives tuned to the feminine heart of the land. We live our lives for our Mother.

I am here because of my clear heart connection to our Mother. I have gained this position of Matriarch at my young age through my cultivation of a pure heart, and strong connection to the Mother and for my ability to mind journey and bring back visions from Father Sun. I am of the shaman class; one that can go into trance and allow the purity of our ways to flow through me.

Today we gather at the Stelae of the Flying Deer to celebrate and to set the vision for the great transition, for we are approaching the time of entrance into the new era. We live now in the greatest time of all. Our descendants will know this time as the Golden Age. This is a time of long life and strong connection to our gods — our Mother and our Father.

Today I bring to you a vision of the future given to me by the Flying Deer of my people. The vision tells us that we are at the peak of the Golden Age and that our descendants will soon fall into the darkness of the future. In our darkest times of the future, some 13,000 cycles of the sun, the mantle of the people will rest on the strong shoulders of men.

Times will be dark and many times these strong men will lose their way. These times will become darkest parts of history. Our descendants living in those dark times will know many wars and much destruction of the Mother’s Body.

Remember we must heed the Great Spirit’s plan and not blame our descendants for future events that we cannot now understand. Our descendants will know not what they do; they will simply be breathing in the cycle of their time.

The cycles of time that we call eras are required for the evolution of the Great Spirit’s Plan. Cycles permeate our very lives; some very long; some very short. The cycle of breathing in and out is no different than the cycle of an era.

The dark era that we speak of will last a very short time, only a few thousand-sun cycles. During that time our descendants will not live long lives. They will only live to 30 cycles of the Sun; some up to 80 cycles.

This dark era will be known as the Iron Age. It will be the densest of all eras. The Iron Age will provide an environment for the human ego to develop.  Even though the ego will become the biggest problem of our descendants; it will be needed to further develop the genius of the human mind. Despite the turmoil of the Iron Age, it will be a time of great inventions and advancement of technology. Some good and some bad.

As you know, at certain junctions of time, shamans such as myself are asked to travel down time lines and bring back visions of the obstacles that our descendants will be required to navigate. With the aid of the flying deer elixir, I have traveled down the time line and I am here to tell you of the visions I brought back. These visions contain instructions that we must act on now.

My vision tells me that many sun cycles from now our descendants will slowly fall into darker eras. Our current Golden Age will increase in density through the Age of Silver, the Age of Bronze and then the densest era of all – the Iron Age.

The people of the Iron Age will have forgotten the knowledge and heart feeling that allows them deep connection to the Mother and the Father. Some among them will remember, but they will be outcast. During these times, the people will inhabit dense bodies that will not allow them to see the great Creator’s Plan. The denseness will prevent them from even knowing their own life plan. There will be no leader with knowledge of the greater plan to help the people navigate this dark era. This time will be difficult as the people become more and more separated by dense personal egoic thought leading to greed, arrogance, war and destruction of our Mother’s body. Our great Mother’s body will suffer, but Her Mind and Her Spirit will remain strong.

Our Mother is strong and she is capable of carrying the heavy weight of the dark times to come. In Her feminine way she will support the dense people, as all mothers throughout history support their children. She will love everyone, even though they seem to have lost their way; even while they create destruction on each other; even while they disregard the devastation they cause Her; the one that feeds and clothes them. Her love has no bounds, and we have been instructed to strengthen our Great Mother during this Golden Era so she will be able to handle the burdensome task of the future.

In the dark days to come, our descendants will live in ego within their own heads. Many will never know their heart. Even those occupying a female body will find it difficult to contact the Mother. For this will be a time when the people must develop strong egos to generate the energy required to expand mind and the human condition.

There will remain many sensitives among the women, but those will fall under control of the male egos. It will not be until the end of the era of the Iron Age that females will once again gain influence through their heart re-connection. There will also be some males that are sensitive enough, in this time of equality, to connect and this will give us strength. At the end of the dark time the connection to our Great Mother will return at a much higher vibration heralding the time of heart and mind coming together to direct a force.

We have been instructed to set in motion influences for the coming time. Many of us here today will choose to incarnate during the Dark Age and we must heed these instructions to ensure our descendants have clear bodies to live in. What we do over the coming cycles will greatly affect our experience during the Dark Age. For time will speed up, especially as the next transition era approaches some 26,000 cycles from now. When time speeds up people will be in a state of mere reaction, not one of vision and direction.

After a great expansion, we will again contract into our smaller land to rest and wait for the next golden era to begin 26,000 sun cycles from now. We will be living on unscared land, still living our humble ways. At that time we will have a strong enough influence and connection to both heart and higher spirit mind around the planet.

If we are successful, which I have seen we will be; we will be accepted into the intra-galactic council. Once there, maybe we can even gain a membership into the inter-galactic confederation of the Universal Mind.