Moving Into the Noosphere: Frequency Upgrade

As we have stated in previous blogs, we are in for a frequency upgrade. The frequency most people have been living in for the last 400 or so years is that of mechanical time (12:60), or 12 months and 60 minutes. There is also another frequency of the sacred Tzolkin calendar of the Maya, in a 13:20 pattern, with 13 months of 20 days. This is a frequency that is more in tune with the rest of our galaxy. It literally has a Fractal relationship with many other aspects in our environment, both locally and universally.  When a person changes frequency, it feels like passing from one time to another time, or a new epoch of time. It could feel almost as if one world stops, and a new world comes into our perception. This is no different than changing radio or television stations. We will literally be changing from the mechanical news channel, to a sacred channel that has a truer universal synchronization.

This might seem mundane at first, but there are great advantages from changing frequencies. One of the easiest ways to see it is graphically. We have been living in a mechanical grid that can be represented as a square net of the mechanical world frequency. It makes us concerned with material things, focused on things in the outside world. Wherever the lines cross in the grid, we have an accumulation of electromagnetic patterns. In the following diagram we can see this as different colored dots. Different types of dots represent different types of issues.

These patterns can get very stuck into place with the strong magnetic pull of the grid – we might want to call them habits. You know these patterns. These can be simple patterns such as always eating the same foods, to dramatic emotional patterns that we might want to get rid of. They might be memories of dramatic events of the past. Many people live in an almost unconscious way, going through life on automatic pilot. We might feel life is boring because we have lost our spontaneity, due to our habits. The same T.V. shows are the sound track for our lives. We convince ourselves we are not going to repeat the same old patterns again and for a while we might do a good job of stopping. Then we let our guard down for a short time and we find ourselves back in the same old patterns. We ask ourselves, ‘how come I am back here again?’ It is the strong magnetic pull of the frequency or (station) we are tuned to.  Of course the more we dwell on a pattern, both fixating on it, or trying to change it, the stronger the magnetic pull is. I am sure you can recognize these patterns in your life. Some people like to call this grid trap The Matrix.

When we find ourselves here, we are not living in the Taoist concept of Wu wei: ‘going with the flow’.

There are many people and organizations in this world that profit from us living our lives almost like sheep. This makes it easier to sell us stuff that we don’t need. This makes it easier to predict what we will do. This makes it easier to control us.

The Noosphere, or what some call the Christ Consciousness Grid, has a different frequency, therefore a different pattern. It is more like this:

When you change from one frequency to another, the grids do not line up. The square grid is flat, two-dimensional. The Noosphere is spherical, with cross sections bending in spherical directions. This literally means the cross-section do not line up with each other.  The old issues or magnetic habits found in the square grid will not have the same magnetic pull, as the dots no longer line up with the grid. We do not have the same level of attachment or magnetic charge for them. It doesn’t mean that they completely disappear; we can still remember the things we liked, or the way we always came home had a few beers and ate the same food. The memories of these patterns still exist, but they don’t have the same addictive nature they use to have. You might find it is mid-afternoon and you realized you didn’t have coffee today for breakfast, in fact you haven’t all week and never missed it. We could almost be so bold as to say that many of our negative patterns fall out of ‘solution,’ because they don’t have the same charge holding them in place.

This is kind of like a Universal D-tox, giving us almost a personality transplant, or should we say tune-up. This happens at such a subtle level that at first we might not even notice it. We feel much lighter, not so bogged down by all those issues, and have a general feeling of Bliss. We might not turn on the television at night, and instead decide to listen to some music or read a book. The issues about other people don’t seem to bug us as much. Even many of our social relationships start going through a shift.

As we go through this shift we start seeing more and more people like us around. We start tuning into them and realize they are feeling the same way we are. As these things grow inside us, our intuition gets stronger and stronger until we realize we can tapped into a larger level of group consciousness – the Noosphere or Christ consciousness grid.

I don’t think we are the only planet in our galaxy that has obtained this level of evolution. Other planets have obtained a level of Overmind – the planetary unification of consciousness. When a species activates their Noosphere, they cross a threshold from collective unconscious to the collective conscious. This dissolves some of the obstacles, while cutting through the crises that kept them separate as ego-based selves, dwelling in bondage to belief systems developed in ignorance. As soon as the threshold is crossed – the Omega Point—the fettered holdings of self-bondage to ego dissolves. There is the unitary soul of the planetary organism that can soar free.

Once a planet has obtained this level of consciousness, it is in a fractal relationship with other planets that have also obtained this same level. It is almost as if you can join a new club or social group of conscious planets with like interests. The difference is that this becomes an inter-planetary communication system.

Welcome to a whole new form of social network.

Again, I don’t think this is new to human consciousness, many before have obtain singularity into this consciousness. These are some of the Great Masters of the past: Christ, Muhammad, Yogananda, Sri Aurobindo, Hildegard von Bingen to mention a few. The difference is that this time, many, if not all, can obtain this level of consciousness at the same time. We can see glimpses of this in R.M. Buckes book Cosmic Consciousness or Aldous Huxley’s The Perennial Philosophy. Now it is time to do it collectively for ourselves.

To quote the late Jose Arguelles in Manifesto for the Noosphere: The Next Stage in the Evolution of Human Consciousness:

Synchronicity and telepathy are twin characteristics of the Supermind of cosmic civilization now being transferred to the Earth as the first stage of the Noosphere. When I refer to the Noosphere as the era of increasing psychic compression and advancement of our paranormal powers, I am talking about a mental field exhibiting greater and greater collectivization (planetarization of consciousness), leading to ever greater degrees of harmonic convergence. If there is but one Source, then all revelation—intuitive synchronistic telepathic moments—must have points where they converge and then expand their convergence.

The Four Types or Stages of Cosmic Civilization

  1. I.               Planetary-cosmic—Psycho-technical unification The early noosphere Era of great Earth changes and readjustment of the human community to new environmental conditions Cyberspheric network transits to telepathic structures Incipient galactic consciousness and galactic seed culture of synchronic order Transformation of historical materialism into non-materialist ideology of cosmic consciousness Human self-perception as a single planetary organism: Homo noosphericus. This is the flowering of the first genuinely cosmic Earth civilization.
  2. II.             II. Helio-cosmic (stellar)—“New Solar Age” Emergence of Homo noosphericus as a biosolar telepathic being (“biosolar” refers to a biological being that is consciously activated by higher solar frequencies) Stabilized galactic consciousness, psycho-solar technology, psychozoic regeneration of the terrestrial biosphere as a living work of art Extended two-way galactic communication Sun fully realized to be an evolving star system (the heliosphere or heliocosm) Terrestrial civilization fully powered by telepathically activated solar-plasmic and Zero-Point energy Fulfillment of Overmind
  3. III.           III. Galacto-cosmic—omnigalactic Supermind Galactic federation Harnessing of galactic energy for transformation of material reality Capacity for surveillance of developing subsystems, such as our own as it is today Purely transcendent order of being no longer dependent solely on material means Attainment of planetary autotrophism or biopsychic self-sustainability Mastery of hyper-dimensional time-space travel
  4. IV.           IV. Omnicosmic—metagalactic Transcendental universal telepathic consciousness Capacity for planetary and biological design engineering according to principles of higher evolutionary advancement Purely fifth-dimensional operations with mastery and control over lower-dimensional orders of being Fulfillment of the Life Divine, entry into supramental evolution beyond mind: the “theosphere”

What is the transmitter for this in our body? Well that would be the pineal gland of course. We have talked about this several blogs ago, but we will return to it again in the future.