Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD)

From my encyclopedia of Herbs This syndrome is the inability to pay attention, concentrate, remember, or think clearly, with emotional instability and learning problems. Most of the patients I’ve seen with this problem are above average intelligence, but do not perform well at organized tasks. Often there will be some things (Lego or computer
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Nettles Spanakopita

Many thinks spanakopita is hard to make, but it is really easy, it just looks exotic. The traditional Greek recipe calls for spinach, but you can substitute almost any greens. I like Nettles the best, it gives a deep herbal, earthy flavor, that well . . . just makes me feel good.  You can mix
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Even though we take breathing for granted, it is interesting to reflect that we share the air with all humans and many other life forms on the planet. The process of respiration shows us an oneness with the trees and other plant life as we have a symbiotic relationship with them through the oxygen and
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Here are some of my latest thoughts

Welcome to my Blog Space. I am a Clinical Herbalists, with a practice in Calgary Alberta. I started my practice in 1975 and found it quite an adventure, continuing to enjoy it.