Peace of Our Heart, Creates Coherence and Helps Protect Our Planet

As we discussed in our last blog, the Divine Matrix (DM), is a vibrational field that connects all things. On our planet, the Noosphere connects the consciousness of humans and gives direction to outcomes on a social level. It helps place ideas into people. If a group of people, like the #Idlenomore movement, keep a peaceful vibration in their Hearts, they can direct the whole field to ultimately achieve a peaceful goal, to resolve Water Way Rights, Human Rights and Treaty Rights.

I know at first it seems hard to believe that just keeping a peaceful feeling in your heart can influence a field as big as the Canadian Government. But truth be told, it can influence fields much larger than that. We often think that how can little me make a difference.

One of the groups doing lots of research on how our heart energy can make a difference is the Institute of Heart Math. Here is a page with some very interesting short videos on the subject.

Notice some of the most important aspects of this are rhythm and coherence. We have talked a lot about coherence in past blogs, stating that coherence can cure all kinds of dramatic health issues. It can also cure social issues too. The larger the number of people in coherence, the stronger the field. One thing that indigenous people around the world have been using for millennia to create this coherence is drumming. By drumming, the hearts of the people participating join in a coherent rhythm. The larger the drumming group, the stronger the coherence and the stronger the field, the more powerfully the DM and the Noosphere are affected.

The DM is responsible for the structure of our mind, brain, emotions, heart and our entire world. The field determines if we are healthy or ill; not  germs, genetics or whatever.

So, if this field is so important to us, how does it work and how do we communicate with it? The interesting thing is that there is no us and no it, from the prospective of the field. The field is ultimately a non-dualist realm. We only have to clear our minds and emotions to see beyond the dualistic world to create a communication with the DM.

No, that doesn’t mean we have to shave our heads and go up to a mountain monastery to do this. We can still be part of the dualistic world, while getting our perception from the non-dualistic world. We already get our essence from the field anyway, as it is really the Qi or vital energy that animates us. When communicating with the non-dualistic world, we can help direct our relationship to the field with intent of our own world. This can help us live from a more conscious place.

It appears from what the prophets and sages have been saying, there are windows of time during which this process of clarity of communication are much easier. We seem to be in one of the largest windows of opportunity of our ‘time-line’ between now and somewhere into 2016 or so. Many have stated that this time can produce both windows of chaos and windows of clarity, depending on the direction of intention set by the individual. Instead of chaos, this window can become an opportunity for better clarity of communication with the larger field that generates both our lives and our reality. We can be conscious participants, instead of feeling separated in a realm of fear and anxiety.

The DM is the field of energy that contains bridges and mirrors of  everything that happens from our inside world to the one outside of our bodies. Some like to think of the DM as a cosmic blanket that begins and ends in the realms of the unknown, spanning everything in-between. Both ancient and modern cultures have described it as a Great Serpent.

In the #Idlenomore movement we have started to see how the DM is unfolding into a global movement of like-minded (feeling) people. As long as they stay peaceful, with harmony and coherence in their Hearts, it can achieve more than violence, guns, swords or pens ever could. It is more powerful than political forces, as it can change whole agendas and even the direction of history.

Our feelings of coherence can greatly influence our relationship to the planet and Gaia. Let’s be specific here, the planet will protect itself; it is our relationship with her that is important for us to protect. If we don’t honor a mutually beneficial relationship with Gaia (Pachamama), it will take actions to right the situation. I know that sounds far-fetched at first, but look at what happened to the Dinosaurs!

The prophecies have said that the impetus for this movement would come out of the Matriarch of indigenous people, so it looks like #Idlenomore is it.

I will finish this blog with several pictures found on Facebook over the last week or so:

 Indigenous Women Take the Lead in Idle No More

Interesting article of the Women that lead the #Idle no more movement.

It is time for a new time of a new type of HomeLand Security.

Our descendants have the right to drink clean water and breath clean air. Be a good ancestor!