Pineal Gland Part 2 – Connection to Spirit and Activation

As mentioned in earlier Blogs, the pineal gland has many interesting and curious connections to spirit. Often called the ‘Third Eye’ this small endocrine gland, buried deep in the center of the brain, has become the focus of many masters and shamans of the past. It has been claimed to be the ‘principle seat of the soul’, playing a prominent role in the mythology of the Egyptians, Tibet Buddhists, Roman Catholic Church, philosophers, scientists and even the founding fathers of the U.S.A.  Some say it is the Holy Grail. The pineal gland has light receptors (similar to our eyes) creating insight into our ‘mind’s eye.’ It appears to have a connection to dreams, hallucinations, near death experiences, abductions and even visions. But what is its connection to spirit or other dimensions?

Being similar to a pinecone in shape (thus its name), the pineal gland is constructed in a three dimensional Fibonaccian spiral (that is close to a Golden Mean spiral). This shape in sacred geometry is considered a portal system onto itself, helping a person transcend dimensions in many mystery schools. A prime example of this is the mystical group called the Sufi. They do a spiral dance to get close to God and the heavens. Inside the pineal gland not only do we find the manufacturing of several ‘mind altering’ hormones such as melatonin, serotonin and possibly the psychedelic dimethyltryptamine (DMT), we find extremely coherent water with piezoelectric crystals. This extremely coherent water, encased in a sacred geometry chamber, has deep interest to us. The piezoelectric quality of this chamber is a great candidate for an event horizon to project us into other dimensions. This could be a connection to many things including: dreams, astral projection, remote viewing, visions and even the connection to higher self, the soul/spirit worlds. Some authorities have gone as far as calling it a Star Gate.

It certainly has the mythos of several religions, but now it appears the science and anatomy confirmation of this is being teased out of the literature. As we have mentioned in other blogs, coherence is a very significant transfer system of information. Coherence is a great storage system, like computer chips, hard drives or even the Mayan Crystal skulls. Psychics, seers and visionaries in many cultures throughout time have used it.

This coherent water in the pineal gland might be the master event horizon, but there are other places in the body that have coherent water. Dr. Stuart Hameroff, Professor of Anesthesiology at the University of Arizona, has put forward a theory. He believes the microtubules which are part of the cytoskeleton of cells, can – at least in brain neurons – be the connection between the body and consciousness. Many feel microtubules throughout the body also have this connection. It appears this coherence of water ‘communicates’ at the quantum level to the quantum field. In other blogs we have looked at this quantum field, (or Divine matrix, Noosphere, Source Field and many other names). At the core of these microtubules in the cellar matrix are centrioles, which control mitotic cell division.

Many researchers have contemplated these microtubules as part of a portal system. Most specifically Dr. Carl Calleman in The Purposeful Universe, put forward a thesis that not only are centrioles an important part of this fractal relationship and portal system, they are contemplated heavily in ancient Mayan Myths. He points out that the centrioles are one of the few places in the body that both circles (non-linear) and straight lines (linear) come together. The two centrioles are a 90o to each other, this being significant from both sacred geometry and esoteric lore. This figure shows up as a “T”, a very important symbol to the Maya, as it is how man came into the earth plane. This connection can also be seen in at least one Renaissance painting of the Christ Child. The end of a microtubule has 13 amino acids, which Dr. Calleman says represent the sacred 7 days and 6 nights of the important Mayan week. He goes on further to state that, the number of different amino acids being 20, which completes the calculation of the sacred Tzolkin Calendar of (13 x 20 =) 260 days. Embedded inside the arrangement of the amino acids can also be found the Flower of Life and the Seed of Life, so important to sacred geometry and the teachings of Drunvalo Melchizedek. Dr. Calleman goes on to show how the spiral shape of DNA has a fractal and Halographic relationship with atoms, all the way up to the Universe. A Halo is the organization of the Universe, with this showing up as a spin, creating a Tree of Life relationship. Of course there has to be coherence for all of these parts (Halos) to communicate. The Pineal Gland spiral pine cone shape makes it the master event horizon.

Some have gone on to suggest that this might be the core of teleportation technology in the future. Beam me up, Scotty.

The sum of underlying evidence points to a strong reason for why people who are interested in spiritual development, lucid dreams, or deeper understanding of the connection to higher self/spirit, may want to activate the pineal gland. This is not a new phenomenon. Mystery schools from the Free Masons to the Egyptians, Shamans and Tibetans and various esoteric groups, such as the Druids, have found rituals and techniques to stimulate the Third Eye, or pineal gland.

Just as the pineal gland appears 21 days after conception, many feel the process of awaking the pineal gland should take a minimum of 21 days. One of the techniques I have found very useful is Alexandra Luppold’s Dolphin Sun Activation Workshop, which takes a little over 21 days. This process goes through a personal clearing, followed by 21 days of guided meditations.

There are many other techniques that have been used, including Tom Keyon’s Pineal Dimensional Attunement, given to him from the Hathors. There is an interesting and very economical downloadable book, Pineal Gland and Third Eye: How to Develop “Conscious Self” Psychic Abilities [Kindle Edition], by Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler. It goes through 15 ways to activate the pineal gland. I still feel the 21-day guided meditation technique is the best, but there are many ways to enhance this process.

In some cultures, it has traditionally been considered that a person is not even ready for marriage until their third eye is open. This is to say, they are going into this new relationship with their eyes wide open. An artifact of this practice can be seen in modern day India culture, where a woman will often wear a bindi (a dot or sticker) on her forehead to cover the third eye area. You will also see both males and females in several cultures painting over their third eye as part of sacred ceremonies.

In future Blogs we will look at some other activation methods, as well as ways we are shutting down pineal activation in modern society.