Strong and Beautiful

I often have patients come into the clinic feeling over whelmed with their life situation. After examining them and having a long discussion with them, I might find that it is as much their own personal situation, as it is their environment. These are most often very sensitive type people. I call this their ‘software’ component of life, as these are not physical ‘hardware’ structures that have to be changed.

I also explain that this software advantage lets them pick up more from their environment then most, so they should celebrate it. Lets say the average person picks-up 100 units of communication per day, because they pick-up what people say. The sensitive person can pick-up 150 – 250 units, depending on the environment, because they pick-up non-verbal communication also. This is like getting paid $250 a day, instead of $100 a day. Now most would not want to stop this!

The thing we need to do is create a sense of inner strength and just as important shielding. They need to shield from various non-productive input. This phenomenon is often called ‘leaky aura syndrome’. This is where there are not proper boundaries between the individual and environment. Meaning that a person is picking up too much from environment and literally leaking their emotions into environment. The best Flower Essences I have found to create this shielding are the Yarrows. With the three Yarrows, we can create three levels of shielding, to completely protect a person. Strong like Xena warrior princess.  So I formulated a Flower Essence called Strong and Beautiful, that we have had great success with over the last fifteen years.

It is designed for a person to feel their inner strength and beauty, while having the power to hold their head up high and feel engaged in life. Strong and Beautiful allows one to connect with their inner strength. It also creates a feeling of protection, like being surrounded by an energetic armor, helping to reduce feelings of vulnerability.

Sunflower – gives one the strength to hold their head up high and allow their natural beauty to shine forth

Echinacea – strengthens one’s feeling of being integrated and whole

Buttercup – ability to shine one’s inner light, giving them the strength of self-assurance

Goldenrod – aids a person in feeling both their beauty and their inner strength

Yarrow, White – produces a shield of protection around a person

Yarrow, Pink – helps keep an open Heart that feels strong and protected

Yarrow, Yellow – gives a feeling of inner strength, allowing one to safely radiate their beauty