Why ‘Idle No More’ is Important for our Spiritual Evolution!

I see the ‘Idle No More’ movement as way more than just a protest of social disobedience. I see it as an important watershed event of our planetary spiritual evolution. Yes, I realize those are mighty big words, but I see it as the beginning of events equivalent to The Wall coming down in Germany, but this time on a Global Scale. I also see it as part of the Mayan prophecy that has been happening right on cue.

Bare with me while I explain myself over the next page or so. The “Idle No More’ movement has now hit critical mass and has substantially spread outside the Canadian borders, into the psyche of indigenous peoples around the world. Caring peoples of all social and economical classes from around the world are now also hearing this and starting to follow this voice. It is a call to action that is spreading in the human field of psyche at a very fast pace. It has spread like the Hive-Consciousness observed in the insect kingdom. In fact the flash crowd movements are very similar to swarm technology you would see in ants. They are working as group mind, instead of individuals. The most important part of this movement is that it is a completely peaceful protest form. This almost fluid movement comes from the non-linear world of the human psychic field of the Noosphere that I have talked about in other blogs. Hundreds of thousands of peoples are connecting to this feeling, that ‘just seems right,’ being moved in a fluid, non-linear (feminine – Yin) way. This movement might appear at first to be insignificant to an economic – industrialized linear (masculine – Yang) world. This movement’s mercurial way cannot be attacked in a linear fashion, so it can easily overwhelm the older, out-of-date linear complex we have been living under for the last several hundred years.

What does this have to do with the Mayan predictions? Lots!!!

As I have stated in past blogs, the Mayan (and many other indigenous) prophesies were not about the end of the world in a physical sense. These prophecies are more about an end of a way of life; a way of life that was not only destroying our planet, and subjugating huge parts of the human race in unlivable and frankly unnecessary conditions, but has also been stunting our spiritual evolution as a species. The prophesies stated that on contact with the European peoples, indigenous people of North America had to sit back and wait some 500 years to join their forces with the beneficial parts of the modern world to create a new era of higher consciousness. The flying together of the Condor and the Eagle. Several of the sacred sites from around the world, including the pyramids of the Mayan world, were almost seen as alarm clocks going off to say it is time now for us to be Idle No More.

We are the lucky ones that are here to see this movement unfolding, as it has all the earmarks of a revolution that can be the basis of a new evolution. This movement started from four indigenous Saskatchewan women, as a grass roots organization. A non-associated female chief (Theresa Spence) has become a figureheads in the minds of the public and symbols of the injustices. It is now turning into a Human movement for all races, coming out of the Matriarch; saying we are not going to take this subjugated position any longer.

On the other side you have Prime Minister Harper playing the role of the Patriarch leader. His group represents the economic-industrialized complex that thinks it can just take over indigenous and environmental rights to serve their need for plundering our natural resources for their own economical gains. A classic Yin – Yang confrontation that has played out many times before in history. This time it is different because our planet (Gaia, Pachamama; feminine) is not going to take it anymore. The indigenous people (especially female ones) from around the world have heard this call and have taken up a voice to let us know it is time to be Idle No More. These people were sensitive enough to hear, and feel the timing of this evolutionary shift to signal to all of us that we do not have to take this top down, heavy-handed, patriarchal subjugation anymore. Our collective voice is much louder than their need for purely fiscal gains for power’s sake alone.

Put quite clearly: we Canadians are not going to sit back and watch the Harper Government plunder our natural resources and our waterways on the backs of our First Nation peoples.

The good news is this appears to signal the down turn of the Harper-complex. They have waited too long, committed too many illegal acts, and that is the making of their own demise. Of course in the bigger picture, they too are just playing their role in this raising of consciousness. We do not need to direct any anger at them, as they have an important role in this evolutionary process. We can turn the other cheek and come from the peace in our heart.

This started as a movement for just Canadians, but it has speedily outgrown our borders to signal people from around the world to be Idle No More. This is not just an issue brought up by four very courageous women; this is a Human issue for all of us to celebrate and to work on.

For their part, the ‘Harper complex’ has made all the classic mistakes that patriarch sociopaths could make. What were they thinking? That they could just change the laws to bulldoze over us with their short-term needs and no one would notice? This isn’t the 18th century. The treaty rites are part of constitutional law and something that even the prime minister’s cabinet cannot play with. To say they cannot meet with Chief Spence, as it would be paramount to giving into blackmail, just doesn’t cut it. This is a peaceful protest by a leader of another nation, similar to Gandhi in Indian many years back. To meet leader to leader was the right course to take, but now it is too late in that process. The people of Canada have now seen behind Bill C-45 and realize it for what it is: an industrial-economical complex’s grab for our natural resources. It is part of all Canadian’s legacy and we are not going to sell it out for a few short-term gains. Yes, we are paying attention to the man behind the curtain. This is not the Land of Oz.

The most important part of this movement is that people are ‘tuning-in’ to a much larger field of consciousness. The Field or Noosphere, of the Christ Consciousness Grid, that has now matured enough to handle this energy. We the people can now act as a collective whole, making our views be seen by the ruling few. Using social media as a nervous system and the Noosphere as a communication field, we can now spring forward to our rightful place for a more conscious world. We do not have to be the cowardly, hard-working mice anymore. We can fly like the Eagle and the Condor with deep insight into our future.

This field of energy is precisely the energy we need to re-wire our perceptions, via neuroplasticity to this higher level of consciousness.

It is exciting times! Do you want to come along and play at these higher levels of consciousness?

We need to be clear in our intent, coming from our Heart, releasing anger and playing this time in a feminine way, not a masculine way.

We will talk more about the dynamics of this in future blogs.