Why ‘Idle No More’ is Important for our Spiritual Evolution!

Idle no more 300x200 Why ‘Idle No More’ is Important for our Spiritual Evolution!

I see the ‘Idle No More’ move­ment as way more than just a protest of social dis­obe­di­ence. I see it as an impor­tant water­shed event of our plan­e­tary spir­i­tual evo­lu­tion. Yes, I real­ize those are mighty big words, but I see it as the begin­ning of events equiv­a­lent to The Wall com­ing down in Ger­many, but this time on a Global Scale. I also see it as part of the Mayan prophecy that has been hap­pen­ing right on cue.

noosphere earth grid 294x300 Why ‘Idle No More’ is Important for our Spiritual Evolution!

Bare with me while I explain myself over the next page or so. The “Idle No More’ move­ment has now hit crit­i­cal mass and has sub­stan­tially spread out­side the Cana­dian bor­ders, into the psy­che of indige­nous peo­ples around the world. Car­ing peo­ples of all social and eco­nom­i­cal classes from around the world are now also hear­ing this and start­ing to fol­low this voice. It is a call to action that is spread­ing in the human field of psy­che at a very fast pace. It has spread like the Hive-Consciousness observed in the insect king­dom. In fact the flash crowd move­ments are very sim­i­lar to swarm tech­nol­ogy you would see in ants. They are work­ing as group mind, instead of indi­vid­u­als. The most impor­tant part of this move­ment is that it is a com­pletely peace­ful protest form. This almost fluid move­ment comes from the non-linear world of the human psy­chic field of the Noos­phere that I have talked about in other blogs. Hun­dreds of thou­sands of peo­ples are con­nect­ing to this feel­ing, that ‘just seems right,’ being moved in a fluid, non-linear (fem­i­nine — Yin) way. This move­ment might appear at first to be insignif­i­cant to an eco­nomic — indus­tri­al­ized lin­ear (mas­cu­line – Yang) world. This movement’s mer­cu­r­ial way can­not be attacked in a lin­ear fash­ion, so it can eas­ily over­whelm the older, out-of-date lin­ear com­plex we have been liv­ing under for the last sev­eral hun­dred years.

idle no more events 300x188 Why ‘Idle No More’ is Important for our Spiritual Evolution!

What does this have to do with the Mayan pre­dic­tions? Lots!!!

As I have stated in past blogs, the Mayan (and many other indige­nous) proph­e­sies were not about the end of the world in a phys­i­cal sense. These prophe­cies are more about an end of a way of life; a way of life that was not only destroy­ing our planet, and sub­ju­gat­ing huge parts of the human race in unliv­able and frankly unnec­es­sary con­di­tions, but has also been stunt­ing our spir­i­tual evo­lu­tion as a species. The proph­e­sies stated that on con­tact with the Euro­pean peo­ples, indige­nous peo­ple of North Amer­ica had to sit back and wait some 500 years to join their forces with the ben­e­fi­cial parts of the mod­ern world to cre­ate a new era of higher con­scious­ness. The fly­ing together of the Con­dor and the Eagle. Sev­eral of the sacred sites from around the world, includ­ing the pyra­mids of the Mayan world, were almost seen as alarm clocks going off to say it is time now for us to be Idle No More.

We are the lucky ones that are here to see this move­ment unfold­ing, as it has all the ear­marks of a rev­o­lu­tion that can be the basis of a new evo­lu­tion. This move­ment started from four indige­nous Saskatchewan women, as a grass roots orga­ni­za­tion. A non-associated female chief (Theresa Spence) has become a fig­ure­heads in the minds of the pub­lic and sym­bols of the injus­tices. It is now turn­ing into a Human move­ment for all races, com­ing out of the Matri­arch; say­ing we are not going to take this sub­ju­gated posi­tion any longer.

On the other side you have Prime Min­is­ter Harper play­ing the role of the Patri­arch leader. His group rep­re­sents the economic-industrialized com­plex that thinks it can just take over indige­nous and envi­ron­men­tal rights to serve their need for plun­der­ing our nat­ural resources for their own eco­nom­i­cal gains. A clas­sic Yin – Yang con­fronta­tion that has played out many times before in his­tory. This time it is dif­fer­ent because our planet (Gaia, Pachamama; fem­i­nine) is not going to take it any­more. The indige­nous peo­ple (espe­cially female ones) from around the world have heard this call and have taken up a voice to let us know it is time to be Idle No More. These peo­ple were sen­si­tive enough to hear, and feel the tim­ing of this evo­lu­tion­ary shift to sig­nal to all of us that we do not have to take this top down, heavy-handed, patri­ar­chal sub­ju­ga­tion any­more. Our col­lec­tive voice is much louder than their need for purely fis­cal gains for power’s sake alone.

Put quite clearly: we Cana­di­ans are not going to sit back and watch the Harper Gov­ern­ment plun­der our nat­ural resources and our water­ways on the backs of our First Nation peoples.

The good news is this appears to sig­nal the down turn of the Harper-complex. They have waited too long, com­mit­ted too many ille­gal acts, and that is the mak­ing of their own demise. Of course in the big­ger pic­ture, they too are just play­ing their role in this rais­ing of con­scious­ness. We do not need to direct any anger at them, as they have an impor­tant role in this evo­lu­tion­ary process. We can turn the other cheek and come from the peace in our heart.

This started as a move­ment for just Cana­di­ans, but it has speed­ily out­grown our bor­ders to sig­nal peo­ple from around the world to be Idle No More. This is not just an issue brought up by four very coura­geous women; this is a Human issue for all of us to cel­e­brate and to work on.

For their part, the ‘Harper com­plex’ has made all the clas­sic mis­takes that patri­arch sociopaths could make. What were they think­ing? That they could just change the laws to bull­doze over us with their short-term needs and no one would notice? This isn’t the 18th cen­tury. The treaty rites are part of con­sti­tu­tional law and some­thing that even the prime minister’s cab­i­net can­not play with. To say they can­not meet with Chief Spence, as it would be para­mount to giv­ing into black­mail, just doesn’t cut it. This is a peace­ful protest by a leader of another nation, sim­i­lar to Gandhi in Indian many years back. To meet leader to leader was the right course to take, but now it is too late in that process. The peo­ple of Canada have now seen behind Bill C-45 and real­ize it for what it is: an industrial-economical complex’s grab for our nat­ural resources. It is part of all Canadian’s legacy and we are not going to sell it out for a few short-term gains. Yes, we are pay­ing atten­tion to the man behind the cur­tain. This is not the Land of Oz.

The most impor­tant part of this move­ment is that peo­ple are ‘tuning-in’ to a much larger field of con­scious­ness. The Field or Noos­phere, of the Christ Con­scious­ness Grid, that has now matured enough to han­dle this energy. We the peo­ple can now act as a col­lec­tive whole, mak­ing our views be seen by the rul­ing few. Using social media as a ner­vous sys­tem and the Noos­phere as a com­mu­ni­ca­tion field, we can now spring for­ward to our right­ful place for a more con­scious world. We do not have to be the cow­ardly, hard-working mice any­more. We can fly like the Eagle and the Con­dor with deep insight into our future.

This field of energy is pre­cisely the energy we need to re-wire our per­cep­tions, via neu­ro­plas­tic­ity to this higher level of consciousness.

It is excit­ing times! Do you want to come along and play at these higher lev­els of consciousness?

We need to be clear in our intent, com­ing from our Heart, releas­ing anger and play­ing this time in a fem­i­nine way, not a mas­cu­line way.

We will talk more about the dynam­ics of this in future blogs.



  1. Carla   •  

    Per­fect Terry, I love your prespective.

  2. consciouslyaltered   •  

    Yes it is a great time to be here ! We will wit­ness the greed com­plex come down, and the amaz­ing and mag­i­cal heal­ing prop­er­ties of earth be seen and real­ized on a much greater scale As the process will affect us all, and all dif­fer­ently, Love is the only way to go. Nice to run into you at Cadence Terry

  3. Mury   •  

    Great per­spec­tive Terry. I feel the com­ing change in the core of my being and to see it unfold as has been pre­dicted, is grat­i­fy­ing to say the least. What a bless­ing to wit­ness and be a par­tic­i­pant in a major pos­i­tive metamorphosis.

  4. Milena   •  

    Yes! we are liv­ing in the time of “woman”, embrace it, live it, and oth­ers will be assisted in the heal­ing also!! — just look at this move­ment. It is time for the women to lead, initiate.….put men to pause (not just menopause), put the men straight (not just men­stru­ate) put cease to vio­lence and hatred (not just menses) There is Power in the Blood!!! and we are the ones with that power, not the kind of power that a man thinks of, or a power of phys­i­cal force — but a power of restora­tion, heal­ing, nur­tur­ing, guid­ing and grow­ing — the power of change. It’s time now.” — I stum­bled across your blog, and was totally smil­ing! The above quote is my own, I had just posted to a young woman unknown to me, I had to go back and copy it here!! Yes, it is excit­ing for sure. As women we must stay in-tune for we are the spir­i­tual keepers.

  5. Wade   •  

    Sken­nen Koa

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