Epigenetics, Our Relationship with Environment and the Creator

As stated in my last Blog, we live in a Fractal Universe, striving to create Coherence with our environment. The environment here is both external and internal. This represents our fractal relationship with close environment, friends, social world, city (village, farm, or our current location), country, planet Earth, Solar System, Galaxy, Universe etc. It also represent our inner world; body system, tissue, cells, molecules, atoms, parts of atoms, emotions, thoughts, spiritual worlds. This fractal relationship goes infinitely inward and infinitely outward. The closer we get to Coherence, the more we lineup with this Fractal relationship. This could be considered the Law of Sympathy. What happens in one part of the fractal relationship, reflex to all parts of the fractal relationship. By moving with the flow, in what the Taoist calls Wu wei, we literally sit back and roll with the waves of the Universal Intelligence.  This is one approach to make it through turbulent times of 2012, less scathed.

We finished off the last Blog by stating that these fractal relationships can be easily seen in Biology. We know that work at the cellular level will reflex what is happening at the body level. This whole concept has taken literally a quantum leap forward with the introduction of Epigenetics. Epigenetic is a somewhat young field, but has gained great favor over the last several years in many arenas.

The concept of epigenetics refers to changes in appearance (phenotype) or gene expression by mechanisms other that DNA; hence epi (Greek: over; above) -genetics. In this field we can see how many behaviors or actions of an organism are not directly caused by an underlying genetic mechanism. Much of this happens with a cell’s, or organism’s interaction with their environment.

The field of epigenetic has become quite large over the last few years, branching out into many disciplines of science including biology, psychology and medicine.  One of my favorite researchers and authors in this field is Bruce Lipton and in particular his book the Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles.

Not only are these concepts intriguing, they can show us how our behavior is in a fractal relationship with the multi-dimension hologram of the Universe and what we call reality.  To understand this we have to rethinks some of the basic concepts of cellular biology. This shows us that genes don’t control everything; that other functions, or signals, create the behavior of the cell. Cell behavior responds to the ‘field’ it is in. This same behavior can and does change the ‘field’ itself.

If you know how a cell works, you can often determine how a human works. We were programmed after the cells. When a cell evolves, so do we. When we evolve, so does society. This shows a simple fractal relationship between the cellular level and society.  Of course this shows us a different relationship to our environment than is described with simple Darwinian evolution. When a person considers himself or herself, they will usually consider themselves as a singularity — an individual. We are in reality more like a community of 75 trillion cells. These cells live in cooperation with each other for the good of the whole. If these 75 trillion cells can get along, it should seem easy for 6.5 billion humans living on the surface of the planet to get along for the benefit of the whole. This gives a whole new meaning to what the old mystics have said for millennia — ‘the answer lies within.’

In old biology, it was felt that the genes controlled all behavior. New biology is considering some, if not most behavior, is controlled by epigenetic factors like the cell membrane’s relationship with its environment. This means that the relationship of the cell membrane with its environment programs the way the cell expresses behavior.  Old biology was looking at a Darwinian evolutionary mechanism controlled by Newtonian physics. New biology is looking at an epigenetic mechanism, controlled by fractal field relationships of quantum physics.

Old biology suggests that all evolution flows down a Darwinian mechanism that is caused by sheer accident, with the survival of the fittest. This means we are an accident of nature and we have no control over our biology and ultimately our destiny. If you have a ‘fat gene’ or a ‘cancer gene’ there is nothing you can do about it. It is just fate.

New biology suggests behavior is similar to Lamarckian evolution theory, and puts our destiny back in our own hands. We are not made by random accident; our behavior, emotions and mental concepts drive our evolution. Our evolution is driven by our relationship with our environment. If we have a harmonious, happy community, we will evolve that way. If our environment is full of turmoil, anger and fear, we will evolve that way.

We can see this easily at the cellular level.  At a cellular level, the cell membranes create behavior, not the genetics. Our cellular membranes are similar to our skin, but at the cellular level. These membranes are not just smooth; there are tens of thousands of proteins (Integral Membrane Proteins; IMP) sticking out of them. Some of these proteins are receptor sites. These receptor sites receive information from the cell’s environment. They can receive signals from hormones, light, insulin, salts, electromagnetic fields and thousands of other sources. Each of these receptor sites are specialized to receive specific type of signals. They perceive information from their environment. The receptor sites are like miniature antennae. This makes the surface of the cell look more like an old fashioned apartment building, with thousands of antennae sticking out of its surface.

This is not that different than the surface of our ‘skin’. We have receptor sites that receive signals from our environment in our skin also. We see with our eyes, we hear with our ears, we smell with our nose, taste with our tongue and feel with our touch. These senses perceive information from our environment. The receptor sites feed information to our brain and help us decide what our behavior should be.

At the cellular level, the receptor sites perceive information and deliver this information into the cell to tell it what is happening in its environment. We have another set of proteins (IMPs) in our cellular membrane known as effector proteins. These effector proteins respond to the signals picked up by the receptor sites. They might let a certain amount of a chemical into the cell, like calcium or sugar for example. They might contract the cell to move away from a toxin, or toward a nutrient source. The IMP might be an enzyme, performing a specific job.  These receptor sites or effector proteins can send signals to the nucleus of the cell to turn on specific gene information.

The most important point here is that all of the activity is at the cell membrane level. The cell membrane reads what is happening with its environment and creates a response without having any gene control. In fact the activity at the membrane level can signal genes to ‘turn on’ or ‘turn off’. Instead of DNA being the brains of the cell, controlling it, as has been taught for many years, the ‘brains’ of the activity is at the membrane level. The DNA is a very sophisticated hardware store that can manufacture proteins on demand. Directions for DNA replication comes from the cell membrane. If you look at a cellular membrane, it looks more like a circuit board you would see in a computer. The signal and activity happen at this level, or epigenetically.

So it looks like the membrane, or the skin of the cell, not only perceives the information from environment, but it also acts as the brain, controlling behavior. How does this work with our fractal model of the human? We have already seen that the receptor sites of seeing etc., reside in the skin of a human, but the brain doesn’t really reside in the skin. But it does! At the early embryonic stage, there are three types of cells: ectoderm, mesoderm and endoderm. The skin is the ectoderm. The only other part of the body that arises from the ectoderm is the brain and the nervous system. The brain and nervous system are really just specialized skin that has been internalized for protection. So our fractal relationship holds up. Our Law of Sympathy holds up.

Remember to be a true fractal relationship, there needs to be a self-similar relationship going into the very small and out to the very large. If we look at the cell membrane this relationship does hold if we go inwards. These proteins that make up the receptor sites really work due to the activation sites on the surface of the molecule. The activation sites on the protein molecule really work due to the outer electrons on the ‘surface’ of the atoms of the molecules. Going out, we have seen the similarity between the membrane receptor sites and effector sites to our senses and our brain, but where does it go from there?

If you look at the larger organism we function within, it is our society and humanity as a whole. Our response with each other will determine what level of harmony we live in. Just as we can have 75 trillion cells living in harmony and even bliss (if we tune in), so can 6.5 billion people live in harmony. The relationship doesn’t stop there though. Our planet, Gaia, is like one large cell. We live on her skin or membrane, just like the trees, animals and other organisms; we are receptor sites to aid in Her perception of Her environment. We are receptor sites to aid in the functioning of our Planet, Mother Gaia. We can equally see that Gaia is a perception site for our Solar system, and our solar system is a perception site for our Galaxy and, in turn, our Galaxy for the Universe.  We are built in our Creator’s Image.


We are in Fractal relationship with the Creator.



This of course is just the relationship inside the three dimensional plane. The quantum physicists say we live in a ‘n’ dimensional Universe, or as some like to call it Omni-verse. The interfaces between these dimensions are called branes, similar to membranes. Receptor sites are perception of signals across these branes.

Some authors in the Mayan area, like Barbara Hand Clow, say we live in a 10 dimensional Universe. Each of these dimensions has their own ‘keeper’. Humans are meant to be the Keepers of the 3rd dimension here on earth.  This also makes us an inter-dimensional receptor site for the 3rd dimension.

So your mission, if you so take it, is to be a good receptor site for our Mother Gaia. Living in Harmony with other receptor sites, we can have Fractal relationship with the multi-dimensional Omni-verse and the Creator.