How Does Hive-Consciousness Affect Us?


 In one of my latest blogs, I suggested that I feel the Idle No More movement is one of the most important watershed events in the spiritual evolution of our species, evolving out of the Matriarch. I also went on to say that it had all the characteristics of Hive-Consciousness. The flash crowd actions are a reflection of swarm technology we see in many insects, birds, schools of fish and herds in the animal kingdom. They are working as group-mind instead of individuals. In the case of the Idle No More movement, it is most important that it is, and remains, a completely peaceful protest form.

What is this hive-consciousness or group-mind I am talking about? Many scientists now look at an ant colony, or a beehive as not made up of individual ants or bees, but as one organism, with one mind (or consciousness) and ten thousand legs. They act as one organism. They share one mind. Each ant or bee doesn’t have enough neurons in their brain to do much more than simple acts, but grouped together with thousands or even tens of thousands of brains they create a much larger form of consciousness that can aid in their colony’s survival. They can farm acres of underground gardens, and have ‘domesticated livestock’ that they nurse for nectars. In other words: a very thriving community.

This phenomenon is called Eusociality (Greek eu: “good/real” + “social”): meaning the highest level of social organization. Eusociality is shown by cooperative offspring care, overlapping adult generations with a division of labor by reproductive and (partially) non-reproductive groups. Now if this can be done with very simple nervous systems such as ants, what do you think humans can do with much more complex nervous systems? Well, we create a field of conscious that has become known as the Noosphere.

When a group works together in a mutual act, it is called Swarm intelligence (SI), which is considered the collective behaviour of decentralized, self-organized systems, natural or artificial. A SI system is most often made up of a population interacting locally with one another and with their environment. The individuals follow very simple rules (e.g. peaceful drumming, guitar playing), and although there is no centralized control structure dictating how individuals should behave, a certain degree of random interactions between such individuals leads to the emergence of “intelligent” global behaviour, unknown to the individuals. Natural examples of SI include ant colonies, bird flocking, animal herding, bacterial growth, and fish schooling. In this case the swarm is of peaceful consciousness, intent on a common outcome.

It is interesting to note that our own immune system works in a similar fashion when it observes a threat (although not necessarily a peaceful outcome for invading bacteria).

Some believe this is more the nature of our species, especially when it does not form in a hierarchical nature. Some people do not like the idea of hive consciousness as it gives images of the Borg on Star Trek, or everyone doing something for the ‘Queen of the Hive’. Others feel it is more like tapping into a Universal mind, which can be defined as a non-local and non-time-based hive mind of all parts, components, knowledge, constituents, relationships, personalities, entities, technologies, processes and cycles of the Universe. This is also known as Universal Consciousness, which many feel is the definition of the Great Spirit, God, One (fill in the blank for your interpretation of a monistic entity). The nature of the Universal mind is omniscient, omnipotent, omnificent and omnipresent.

It is part of our human nature to believe we have access to all knowledge, known and unknown. Through a Universal Mind, we can have access to an infinite power, one that is able to tap into the limitless creativity of the One. All these attributes are present within each of us. This is one of the reasons it makes us feel so good to be part of a larger cause. In fact with this energy we could even build pyramids.

I am suggesting that by being part of these movements, either physically or in spirit, you are contributing to accessing this higher level of consciousness. There are many, and I do mean many, studies that have shown when we work together in unity, especially for a higher group good, we can ‘light up’ our access to these fields. This is no different that an ant colony, but at a much higher octave of consciousness. This level of consciousness is our evolutionary right and the time is now!

This area of research, which many have called study in the ‘Field’ or ‘Knowing Field’ has been going on for some time now. It has held special interest for people who do research in Quantum physics, as it can explain how particles communicate over large distances, instantaneously.

“All matter originates and exits only by virtue of a force . . .

We must assume behind this force the existence

Of a conscious and intelligent Mind.

This Mind is the matrix of all matter.”

Max Planck 1944

I like to call it the Divine Matrix, as Gregg Braden has coined it. But we will have to discuss this more in another blog.