High cholesterol ‘does not cause heart disease’: Statins are a ‘Waste of Time’

A little over two years ago, I got a nasty parasite while adventuring in the tropics that landed me in the hospital so fatigued I could barely move. Fortunately for me I finally found out what the parasite was and my health is back to normal. At the time, because of my age and being
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Insomnia: Broken Sleep is Natural

For the last few blogs I have been looking at the issue of not getting a full night’s sleep. Well now it is confession time: I must admit, by virtually almost all medical models, I would be classified as a perennial insomniac. I can’t really remember when it started, but I do remember as a
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Insomnia: Waking at the Same Time Most Nights

In our last blog we saw that both circadian rhythms and the TCM meridian clock can greatly influence our body and our mind. These rhythms tell a Herbal practitioner a lot about a person’s general health and anomalies. One of the easiest places to see this is with sleep patterns. Many of my patients complain
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Can the Body Control the Mind?

This is an interesting question, which is not all that straight forward to answer. Most people in the modern world feel the body’s metabolism reflects your state of mind. A current study suggests this is not always true.  Our biological clocks actually opens and closes specific communication channel in our brains.