Redirecting Our Future Through Facebook and Social Media

In my last Blog, I talked about Hive-consciousness and touched on how we are all connected through the Divine Matrix or the Field that can influence our Spiritual Evolution. We have looked in past blogs at how the mechanism of this is via the Noosphere that surrounds our Planet (Gaia). There has never been a better time to show the world how this can be done. There have been exhaustive scientific studies on how this Divine Matrix is influenced through strong social intent.

Do you want to participate in an experiment that could change the direction of our lives down a positive timeline? (We will look briefly about how this works later in this blog.

With strong social intent, we can redirect our group future in the #Idle No More Movement, or in whatever movement we desire. Yes, what I said is that we can stack the cards in our favor, by peacefully holding a strong intention in our Minds and Hearts. We can aid in determining what the outcome of future events will be. It is quite important to remain pure at heart, with focused intent. Any anxiety, fear or anger that enters into this focused intention will slightly dilute its function in the Divine Matrix (don’t worry if a little creeps in, the collective can deal with that).

These are very exciting times we live in! We have finally reached the numbers that allow us to direct our own evolution. And that is partly what it comes down to now, is numbers. The more people we can attract to positive intention, the stronger the Divine matrix will respond. This is where Facebook and other social media come in. These mechanisms can help keep us focused, fine-tuning our intent.

Isn’t that what the Mayan prophecy was all about? Changing the times we live in. It was said to combine the wisdom of the Indigenous people, with the science of the modern day, as a mechanism of this change.

Many people in modern society don’t vote; they feel, ‘what can my single vote do to influence government policy?’. The thing is, if we put a group ‘vote’ in on the etherical levels of the Divine Matrix, we can influence the outcome in a very positive, powerful way. We can vote with our spirit for something we really care about.

How cool is that?

Our personal vote can finally make a difference, in the ultimate of democratic ways.

Remember the purer the intention, the stronger the vote.

• We can influence the direction of our spiritual evolution and growth.

• We can help protect the environment.

• We can help ensure all peoples are treated with respect, honoring the divine spark in all of us.

How do we do this?

First and foremost: keep positive intent, and Facebook, Twitter, email, talk, write letters and sign positive petitions. You do not have to send any money to anyone, but if you are moved to aid a cause, do so. Remember direction of intent is important. If we had two groups doing a rally, one is an anti-war movement and one is a peace movement, we could see that on the surface they both seem to be doing the same thing, but energetically they are quite different. One is putting energy into war, while the other is putting energy into peace. Just the same, if we were to sign a petition for anti-racism or another one for honoring how we are all one species with the same rights, we are putting our energies into two different directions.

It is equally important to understand that the opposition to a movement like this just has to fragment our focus to stop our intent from moving forward. They often do this by mis-direction: directing our intention to some other issue, like a smear campaign, or changing the venue at the last minute, or causing someone not to show up due to conflict in schedule, etc. This can cause anxiety, anger and misdirection to fragment the focus of intent. If the opposition can get people angry, or even better, fearful, they will be able to push their agenda forward much easier.

Our intent for this experiment is:

• Help protect the environment

• Help ensure all peoples are treated with respect, honoring the divine spark in all of us.

• To form a meaningful dialogue with people before trying to change their rights and the laws that governs them and their Land.

• Listen to the people of the Land about land rights

That is really all you need to know, but if you are like me, I like to understand what is behind the curtain. So if you are inclined, I will give a brief description of it here and continue later in a more detailed blog on this.

So how does the Divine Matrix work?

The concept of ‘the field’ has entered into many realms of science and philosophy over the last several decades, especially since the new millennia. You can find serious scientific studies on this in the areas of psychology, biology and physics. At first some of these concepts seem to fly in the face of common logic and mainstream thought, but rest assured that much of what we do in our lives centers on the field. Even though some of these concepts might seem foreign at first, their elements are really quite simple. By understanding these concepts we can become more active participants in the direction of our lives, not a bad goal.

Ultimately everything in the known universe is made up of energy vibration. Humans and all living things are made up of these energy patterns, which create a field of energy that is connected to every other thing in the world. We can have various sizes of fields. We have our own personal field, our social field, our work related field, our ancestral field, our city or national field, or the field of all humanity. Ultimately all of these fields join together to create ever-larger fields like the planet (Gaia), the solar system (Sol), the Galaxy, the Universe and beyond.

It is becoming increasing obvious that not only are we connected to all things in the known universe, this connection is the central engine behind our being. This field also carries all of the information about relationships between various nodes (such as us) in the field. The field is what our consciousness is made of. The field is the alpha and omega of our existence, with no ‘me’, or ‘not-me’; but one underlying field. It is responsible for the structure of our mind, brain, emotions, heart and our entire world.

The field determines if we are healthy or ill, not a germ, genetics or whatever. One of the great minds of the last century, Einstein once said, “ …the field is the only reality.”

One of the greatest physicists and contemporaries of Einstein, Professor Wheeler stated that we live in a participating universe. He believed the word observer simply has to be crossed off the books and we must put in the new word participant. It is time for us to participate, to aid in creating clarity out of the chaos.

* * * * *

“All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.”

 — Max Planck 1944

 This energy field has been called many things such as simply the field, the way, the Tao, Zero Point Field (ZPF), the matrix, the quantum matrix, or Divine Matrix (DM). The names I like the most are the Tao and the Divine Matrix. Some feel the word Tao is too secular and suggest a religious path. I mostly use the name Divine Matrix, which I first saw in the writings of Gregg Braden, as it both gives respect to the field and shows the relationship of everything. His book The Divine Matrix: Bridging Time, Space, Miracles and Belief, is an excellent resource to find more information on this field, and 20 keys of how to interact with it.

Left Brain Look

From a more scientific point of view, we have to go way back, I mean way back to the beginning of the universe as we know it. The Maya tell us the beginning was 16.4 billion years ago. Most scientists agree on 13 – 20 billion years, with the bulk settling in around 16.5, or so billion years ago. At that time, it is theorized, our approximately pea-sized universe came into existence via the Big Bang. There is a concept in quantum physics called entanglement. Basically entanglement means that once two objects are together, they will always be in communication with each other, no matter how far away they are. Since everything was present at the Big Bang, all things in the universe are entangled at that level. The emergence of this pattern is what Max Planck in 1944 called the matrix.

Everything is entangled with everything in this holographic universe, where past, present and future are ultimately joined. We can’t consider the Divine Matrix as part of creation, as it is creation itself, being both the material and the container itself. This of course means, as Joel Primack of the University of California at Santa Cruz says, instead of thinking the Big Bang happened somewhere out in space as a big explosion, it occupied the whole of space, as it was all space. This energy created the field (also known as zero point field (ZPF)), which accounts for the energy of the electron and thus the stability of the hydrogen atom and thus all matter. This ZPF is the bottom rung vacuum state that connects the entire universe together.

How does this affect your personal life? It means you can solve most illnesses, as well as social and world conditions, with coherent emotions (positive intent). By taping into the DM, we can be conscious participant in our own world. The DM has an intelligence, and it responds to the power of human emotions. As many top scientists over the last 60 years have stated: the material of the DM is all that really matters, and what we consider as matter of the physical world, doesn’t really exist. This echo’s several spiritual and religious traditions from around the world and throughout time.

Again, simply stated: we are part of the Divine Matrix. The Divine Matrix is a two-way participating field. We can influence the direction the DM flows in by our intention. The purer the intent and the larger the number of people participating in that same intent, the stronger the influence is.

It is that simple!